Fun core of a gameplay

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What is gameplay? Gameplay is simply the actions a player is allowed to perform in a game. If those actions are enjoyable and the controls are intuitive, you have the most important ingredients of a great game.
Duane Alan Hahn
A good game has to have a fun core, which is a one-sentence description of why it's fun.
Paul Reiche III

Fun cores of different games:

  • Tetris: keep glass empty no matter which items are randomly generated next.
  • Rayman Origins: find everything on a level to reach maximum score.
  • Strategy-type fun:
    • Dominion: invent the best strategy with 10 random kingdom cards.
    • Diablo: build the character able to defeat any foe.
    • Diablo 3 AH: find a way to earn money as fast as possible.
    • StarCraft: invent an effective strategy and adapt it depending on your opponent's actions.
    • MtG, Berserk: invent a deck.
    • LoL: Invent a build for a single champion, and/or strategy for the whole team; adapt depending on opponents' actions.
  • Story-type fun: find out what happens next.
  • Customize the look of your character.
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